Located in the heart of The Dengie, Essex, we offer a wide range of catering services. Formed by it’s MD, Andy Beck nearly 10 years ago, Andy’s passion for delivering the highest quality service alongside the wide range of outstanding food services, has ensured a second to none and 1st class reputation. In high demand throughout the entire year, Beck & Call keep going from strength to strength. As well as Andy, there are many other resources available to and who work with Beck & Call throughout the year, and depending on the events requirements, from waiting staff, cooks and bar staff, they all have the same goal, to deliver the highest quality service and ensure that whatever your event, it goes without a hitch and is a memorable event for all the right reasons.

Andy Beck

Retired Police Officer Andy Beck has had a passion for food for many years, upon retiring from the Police Force, it was almost inevitable that he would venture into a catering arena. Never one to sit around, Andy is always busy either preparing for or delivering events, always looking to see what new or better (if possible) services can be provided.

Neil Spindler

Keeping it in the family, Andy’s Father-in-Law Neil is a whiz with a spatula, also certified in food safety. Sausages sizzle and burgers flip, an endless supply of quips and the day becomes more fun than work.

Josh Beck

Beck the younger, whilst working hard as a Landscape Gardner, Josh still finds time to be the main man when when it comes to the Hog Roasts as well as assisting with BBQ’s and in general. When the BBQ needs firing up and the roaster needs manning, Josh get’s it done.

Louis Beck

Beck the even younger! also certified in food safety and soon to be studying engineering design, catering with AYBAC keeps him plenty busy in what spare time he has :-) A quick and dry wit keeps everyone on their toes.

Nigel Smee

Nigel has been a keen hobby chef and working with Andy for a number of years whenever he can fit it into his busy schedule. A schedule which includes his day job as an IT Consultant and Company Director, DJ’ing, Karaoke & Quiz Nights as well as hosting and maintaining websites such as this one!
“The people involved with Beck & Call are the most important thing we have going for us, everyone puts their heart and soul into ensuring that every event is delivered to the highest quality of service, it takes years to build a good reputation and minutes to lose it, we all know that and strive to ensure that we maintain the already amazingly high reputation we have.” Andy Beck MD

Here are just a few of the other amazing people we

work with!

Emily, Vicky, Stacey, Michaela, Chaniece (Charlie), Patrick, Brian, Jaime, Ethan, Tracey, Dave D.
A bit of ancient History :-) Where did the Beck ‘and’ Call come from, well the obvious answer is it is based on Andy’s family surname, and that is certainly true, however, there is some history as well, which Andy was unaware of when choosing the company name, there was a previous Beck and Call, over 100 years ago! Not a caterer, but the first Catalog and Post Based household products suppliers in the England!
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